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Construction of Crematorium in front of Krishna Greenland Residence Thane

By CJ Tushar Gomase

The residents of Krishna Greenland Park & Vastu, Kasarvadvali, GB Road, Thane are in deep shock & going through severe stress as TMC gave approval to the construction for "Hindu Crematorium" despite strong objection and opposition from Residents since 2013.

The proposed “Crematorium” is just 20 meters away from Residential Homes.  If constructed residents will forced to inhale the emission smoke, bad toxic odour during disposal of bodies which will seriously harm the heath of residents.

We are making strong opposition only on technical ground considering the facts listed in our TMC Building Plan, TMC Commencement Certificate, Letters collected through RIT, Town Planning Guidelines and Involvement of non-stake holders in the matter.

The shifting of existing “Crematorium” was planned during development of 20 meter development road.  Our Approved Plan No. 813 / 2002 clearly mentions and indicate “Proposed Plot” of 731.50 Sq.Mt. as New Plot during shifting of existing “Hindu Crematorium”

Instead of shifting the "Existing Crematorium" on the “Reserved Plot”. Suddenly, on 05/2002 Corporator Mr Manera proposed TMC to shift the existing Crematorium on the "Amenity Plot".  The intension of Corporator to propose such plan was questioned time to time.  It is also difficult to understand, why Corporator / TMC made no efforts to shift the “Existing Crematorium” on "Agreed Plot of 731.50 Sq.Mt". Instead, all machinery and personal efforts were put to convert "Amenity Plot" to "Crematorium Site". More importantly, on the same letter dt 05/2012 the offer from Vijay Group Builder to build the "New Crematorium" with their own cost was presented. This clearly explains, Corporator was in discussion with Vijay Group Builder but never even felt to discuss such important amendment with actual resident who are residing just 20 meters from the New Crematorium.

Amenity Plot approval process in Question as the listed usage of Amenity Plot does not include “Crematorium”. Any such amendments must be authorized by Hon. Municipal Commissioner TMC. The letter dated 03.08.2012, shares the details of meeting held at TMC Commissioner, where Mr. Manera's proposal was discussed but again the MOM does not include "ANY MENTION of Resident of Krishna Greenland Park".

Even the mandatory guidelines of Town Planning not followed during planning of Crematorium. The buffer area approved in 2016 Town Planning is 200 Mtrs for "Crematoriums" considering Wind. But the buffer area of ONLY 20 meters is kept during construction of said Crematorium is 20 meters.

Recently it has become normal practise of Corporation to propose Crematorium in Residential Amenity Space and two such proposal previously cancelled by TMC for Vartak Nagar and Tikujini wadi.

Please help to get justice !!!!

Jai Hind, Jay Maharashtra..

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